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The Virginian-Pilot increased its daily single-copy price by 50 cents to $1.50 in Hampton Roads on Monday, the company announced. The price of The Pilot is now $2 in newsstands outside Hampton Roads,

The Virginian-Pilot’s downtown Norfolk home for nearly 82 years soon will be for sale, the company announced Friday night. The interim general manager of The Virginian-Pilot and the Daily Press.

North Country Food Bank and the United Way of Crookston are hosting a Food Shelf Planning and Discussion meeting Tuesday, August 27 at 5:30.

Century Rape Suspect Faces Up To Life In Prison If Convicted, Has Prior Record. The man suspected of pulling an underage girl off a Century sidewalk and raping her in the woods Wednesday faces up.

Virginian-Pilot reporter Gary Harki is this year’s winner of the Al Nakkula Award for police reporting. Harki was honored for his work on the series "Jailed in Crisis," which looked nationwide at.

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Two Virginian-Pilot staffers have won National Headliner Awards for their work on a series about a transgender sailor. Courtney Mabeus, who covers the military, won first place for a news series from.

FCW Insider: May 15 — FCW Industry sources familiar with both the letter and the May meetings also felt the letter was intended mainly as a follow-up. One executive who is actively following the EIS contract also told FCW that the concerns raised seem to be held by a very narrow slice of PSC’s 400 member companies.

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Australian Housing finances falls in March The downturn of the broader housing sector accelerated. partial data are showing mixed results for March after the uplift in February. There are some signs that the downward momentum in house.Coasties, agencies honored at Chamber Military Affairs Committee luncheon The heads of the House of Representatives Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight. House Judiciary Committee’s demand for documents from a who’s who of Trump’s turbulent world, targeting 81.

The Virginian-Pilot soon will be shutting down its comments section. The Pilot has been undergoing several changes after its sale to Tribune Publishing last year. One of the changes is an overhaul of.

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You can now receive news briefings on your smart speaker or wherever you listen to podcasts with weekday updates from The Virginian-Pilot. Each briefing will include four or five stories, ranging from.