Trump administration steals more Defense Department funds for boondoggle border wall

Instead, Trump is expected to focus on making his case to the public that the situation on the southern border is a crisis. decides to pull from defense department funds, troops could be tasked.

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Greg Abbott has consented to the use of the National Guard to support Customs and Border Protection, according to the Defense Department. typically do not interact with migrants. The Trump.

Remember how we’re still under an emergency declaration by Donald Trump, the one that he’s using to fund his border wall because he lost the government shutdown earlier this year? Yes, it’s still i.

Washington, DC– Today, the Trump administration announced they will steal $1.5 billion in Pentagon funds to construct 80 more miles of wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. The move brings the total transferred out of the Pentagon budget for border walls to $2.5 billion.

Trump tweeted that he wants to know "where is the money for Border Security. failure to fund the wall. While Congress has made progress on spending bills, GOP leaders decided to roll their.

“The Department of Defense is fully engaged in addressing the crisis on our southwest border, with more than. except the money is going to the border wall instead of to the services,” Cancian said.

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He said the Trump administration is considering a plan to use .3 billion allocated for border security in fiscal year 2018 and another $1.375 billion in 2019 for the wall.

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Last week, issuing his first veto against legislation that would have blocked him from diverting Defense Department funds to build a border wall, the president described. who are on the front lines.

The Supreme Court on Friday cleared the way for the Trump administration to use $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense to construct parts of a wall along the southwestern border that the.

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"We must solve the crisis at the southern border but not at the expense of those who have bravely served." Wasserman Schultz said Trump’s claims there is an emergency on the border is a "fabrication" and a "boondoggle." Using a national emergency declaration for the wall, "simply put, is stealing," she said.